It was a dream come true. I was off to Egypt to interview a famouse archeologist! I climbed on board a

crabby old camel that would take me across the desert to Cheese Pyramid. There among mummys and hieroglyphs, I would learn the secret of the Seven wonders of the Ancient Mouse World. Geronimo Stilton receives a letter from the Professor Alrat Spitfur. Geronimo goes on an airplane and also meets Daniel E. Deadfur. The airplane has broken down, so Geronimo then lands in the country of Egypt and the Professor meets him. They both go into the fascinating Cheese Pyramid and sees many gods and solves the mystery of the curse of the pyramid itself. 
Cvr curse sm

List of Characters Edit

  • Geronimo Stilton
  • Grandfather William
  • Trap Stilton
  • Thea Stilton
  • Benjamin
  • Professor Alrat Spitfur

Other Semi-Characters: Edit

  • Ted Simplesnout
  • Miss. Sally Skinnyfur
  • Daniel E. Deadfur
  • Professor Alrat Spitfur
  • Sujal Mouslifer
  • Anubis
  • Cheesita de la Pampa
  • Soya Mousehao
  • Maximilian Mousemower
  • Jignasha Mouniver
  • Sweetie Cheesetriangle
  • Ratella Mousehao
  • Toni Tinypaw
  • Valerie Vole

Trivia Edit

  • It was first printed at February 2004.
  • At the Mouse World, the book won the Ratitzer Prize.
  • First book where Geronimo goes to Egypt
  • Geronimo will go to Egypt again in The Mummy With No Name
  • Geronimo mistakened the Egyptian god Anubis(Inpu) for a cat or some type of feline.