Samuel S. Stingysnout
Race: Rodent
Gender: Male
Relatives: Parents: Grandpa and Grandma Cheaperly
Sister: Chintzina Stilton (née Stingysnout)
Distant nephew: Geronimo Stilton
Son: Stevie Stingysnout
Daughter: Ivy Stingysnout
Grandchildren: Penniford and Saveanna

Samuel S. Stingysnout, also known as Uncle Stingysnout, is Geronimo Stilton's extremely stingy uncle. He is the head of the Stingysnout family and a real master of frugality. He prides himself on finding new (and often extreme) ways of saving money. He currently lives in a fairly wrecked castle in a large valley, called Moldy Manor. Samuel got his name by his stingy personality. He is known as a cheapskate just like Geronimo's grandfather, William Shortpaws.

Even though they are distantly related, the Stiltons and the Stingysnouts don't get along very well, since the Stingysnouts are so stingy. They basically only see each other on special occasions, such as marriages and funerals.


He first appeared in Wedding Crasher, where he invites his family (including Trap, Thea and Benjamin) to witness his son Stevie Stingysnout's wedding to Patience Plainpaws. The wedding takes place at Penny Pincher Castle, the Stingysnouts' ancestral home. However, the Stiltons soon discover that the castle lacks almost any kind of basic needs (let alone luxury!) in order to spend as little money as possible.but she dumps Stevie when she gets sick of his stingy ways.


Samuel and his family in The Haunted Castle.

Samuel was primarily related to Geronimo (as a distant 'uncle') through his great-grandfather Cheddar Cheapskate Stingysnout, one of the Stingysnout members, who married Serena Stilton, as mentioned in The Haunted Castle. In this book, Samuel invites his family to Penny Pincher Castle again, this time for a funeral (which, in the end turns out to be fake after all) at the end of the book, Samuel's sister Chintzina Stingysnout marries Uncle Gagrat and becomes a Stilton, causing Chintzina to be less stingy. In the same book, we are also introduced to many other new relatives of Samuel, including his old and stingy parents (Grandpa and Grandma Cheaperly) and his daughter Ivy and her husband and children.

In The Stinky Cheese Vacation, Samuel sends a letter to his nephew, announcing that his death is very close, and asks Geronimo to clean the castle for his funeral. However, in the end, it turns out he was not dying after all, and just faked to be in order to get work on the dilapidated castle done for free. His family ends up searching for a treasure in the castle, which was rumoured to be hidden there. Samuel seemingly becomes less stingy near the end of the story.

Samuel returns as a main character in Welcome to Moldy Manor. Here, grandfather William Shortpaws sends Geronimo to Moldy Manor, the Stingysnouts' new residence (as the older castle, that had been renovated, now cost them too much money). Uncle Samuel teaches Geronimo how to be better at saving, the stingier way.

Besides these key roles, Uncle Stingysnout also made numerous brief appearances in various other books.