Rodents are the inhabitants of the world of Geronimo Stilton. Rodents stand upright and have apposable thumbs. But they retain many mouse and rat characteristics, such as fur color, snouts, tails, and ears rodents retain their instinctual desire for cheese. This obsession has made it into their speech, with phrases such as "Holey Cheese!"

Traits and Skills: 

Enhanced Hearing-Rodents have very big ears, enabling them to listen very effective. 

Enhanced Smell-Rodents have stout noises, enabling them to smell very well. 

Agility-Rodents by Standards are naturally agile, capable of climbing, dodging and jumping well. 

Speed-Rodents by Standards are naturally fast, moving at every corner without notice. 

Intelligence-Rodents by Standards are Intelligent, capable of learning from their mistakes.  

List of Rodents that appear at Geronimo's books Edit

As well as dozens more that couldn't possibly be crammed in here. Rodents are rats and mice.There are more mice than rats. Colors of Rodents are realistic:Gray,brown.Colors of rodents are unrealisti:Orange,Yellow.Rodents have black or brown noses.Rodents ears and tails can only come in pink.Their mouths,chests,bellies,paws can only come in white.Rodents are like humans,standing on 2 paws,wearing clothes,having jobs and more!