Mouseford Academy
Mouseford Academy


One More, Not One Less


Unknown (estimated sometime after the Viking Age)




Professor Octavius de Mousus

Acedemic staff

Unknown number of professional faculty, Unknown number of other faculty



Notable students

Thea Sisters, Thea Stilton


Whale Island

Mouseford Academy is a prestigious college located on Whale Island, to which Nicky, Colette, Violet, Paulina and Pamela go to. Thea has been known to study there.


When the Vikings landed on Whale Island during the Viking Age. When the Academy was first built, it actually served purpose as a castle for the important Vikings to live in "according to tradition". It is unknown when this castle was converted into the Academy or when it was established.

Pre and Post World WarsEdit

Nothing is certain for what happened to this school during World War I and II. Most colleges in other places around the world were either closed or moved to another site, such as Caltech.

21st CenturyEdit

The Academy has been transformed as time and technology passes. The school has been modernized into the school as it is today with new facilities, dorms, and an added athletic field at its northeast. Despite all this, the building's design is still preserved as it was from the old times.


The Academy does not have a large area for a prestigious school, however. It is estimated to be as at least as large as a private school.


There is only one headmaster of the Academy to be mentioned in the books; Professor Octavius de Mousus. Past headmasters before him were never mentioned.

Faculty and staff (needs more research)Edit

So far, only four faculties have been introduced in the books; two of them being professional, and two more being other faculties. Thea and Professor de Mousus are the professional ones while Midge and Boomer Whale are the other faculties.

Students, Graduates and TeachersEdit

The most notable students in the school would be the Thea Sisters. Thea was a star student during her time in the Academy, and was contacted by letter, to teach journalism there. She's the only known teacher other than Orazio Wonderrat and Batholomew Sparkle. Known graduates can be found in the first Thea Stilton book, The Dragon's Code, where there are portraits of them hung on the wall in the headmaster's office. Some identified graduates from these portraits are Bartholomew Sparkle, Orazio Wonderrat, and Thea Stilton herself.