She never did very well in school.Like Trap Stilton her best subject is lunch.She creates new cheeses.She is in love with Geromino Slilton, who is in love with her.She came to Benjamin Stilton's "Career day" in his class.It included 4 other mice.One of the 4 was Geromino Slilton,Benjamin Stilton's uncle.Geromino Slilton offered to help Lulu Souffle make her cheese sandwiches.Lulu Souffle now hates Geromino Slilton because he is a bad cook and made a fool out of himself.He does this often,but this has never caused him to loose one of his love interests until now.Later,Geromino Slilton and Lulu Souffle served Benjamin Slilton and all of his classmates Lulu Souffle's cheese sandwiches at lunch.Geromino Slilton wanted to eat one of Lulu Souffle's cheese sandwiches for lunch,but,he couldn't because he had more things to do.He often doesn't get what he wants,and only one time he didn't get the food he wanted until now.