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"Geronimo Stilton TV Series"Edit

Now, instead of "[Geronimo Stilton] Books", there are "[Geronimo Stilton] TV Series". Here are the "[Geronimo Stilton] TV Series Titles" of April to May 2013.

Time: 6.00pm-6.30pm

Day: Mon-Thur 6pm

Channel: Mediacorp, Starhub, Okto

         "Geronimo Stilton Show Titles"

April 2013-Week 1


The Great Jellybean Adventure


Sea Rats

April 2013-Week 2

Chips and Dips

Temple of the Dragon's Casp

The Creepy Cowboy of Cactus Clutch

The Emerald Chest

April 2013-Week 3

Chauncey and the Secret Cheese

The Cave Mouse

Say Cheese!

The Mermaid Mouse

April 2013-Week 4


The Legend of Big Toes

The Disappearance of Nelson Napmouse

Chase Trailor and the Golden Rodent

April–May 2013

April 2013-Week 5

The Incredible Shrinking Stiltons


May 2013-Week 1


Pole Rat

May 2013-Week 2


Return to the Dojo

Magic Mice

If I Could Talk to the Animals

May 2013-Week 3

A Brief Engagement

Parmesani Crush

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Geronimo TV Series Seasons that say these things

Geronimo TV Series has been showing alot of times.

A season can be 2–3 months, when showing.

Season 1 

Time: 7.00pm-7.30pm

Mon-Thur 7pm

Year: 2009/2010

We now have more than 15 different shows and show titles, and our last show is Chase Trailor and the Golden Rodent.

Season 2

Time: 12.00pm-12.30pm

Sunday 12pm

Year: 2011/2012

We now have changed some differences of Geronimo in books and in TV Series. Our last show is Parmesani Crush.

Season 3

Time: 6.00pm-6.30pm

Mon-Thur until Mon&Tue 6pm

Year: 2013/2014