Bugsy Wugsy / Pandora Woz

Bugsy wugsy

Bugsy 1

Race: Rodent
Gender: Female
Relatives: Great-grandfather: William Shortpaws
Uncle: Geronimo Stilton
Aunt: Thea Stilton
Aunt: Petunia Pretty Paws
Cousin: Benjamin Stilton

Bugsy Wugsy (books) or Pandora Woz (TV series and graphic novels) is a character in Geronimo Stilton. She is also Petunia Pretty Paws' favorite niece.

She also has a secret crush on Benjamin, like Geronimo has a secret crush on Petunia, although she does not show she has a crush on Benjamin.  Her nickname is Little Tornado. She adores her Aunt Petunia and would do anything for her.

Appearance and Personality

In the books, Bugsy has dark brown and white fur with very curly black hair. She wears a light green bandanna with dark green hearts on it and wears a matching shirt with a dark green heart in the middle. On the bottom, she wears jeans and green sneakers. She also carries a camera around her neck. She is very bouncy and energetic.

Bugsy Wugsy is shown to be rowdy, excited and adventurous. She calls Geronimo Uncle G or Uncle Geronimo much to his dismay. She annoys him sometimes.

In the television series (where she is known as Pandora Woz), she retains her dark fur and black curly hair, but wears a yellow jumper over a pink shirt, a denim miniskirt over stripy purple tights and no shoes instead.

Pandora is in love with an actor named Bree Cheeserind and she loves nature.She is afraid of spiders and is still best friends with Benjamin. She loves fashion more then anything and follows the trends in the magazines.

Description according to Atlantyca

"Pandora has a strong personality, strong opinions and she’s not afraid to speak out her mind. She is often giving out fashion tips and advice to those around her, she is feminine, and likes “girly things”.

Pandora is into fashion, celebrities, music, pop idols, and the latest celebrity gossip. While strong in opinion and attitude, she is not a tomboy, she can be afraid and she doesn’t like getting dirty, wet, or messy. Insects and other creepy-crawlies are not things she reacts to well.

Pandora looks up to Thea, whom she views like an older sister, even if they are quite different. Thea is a fighter and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty while on an adventure. Pandora would rather keep her hands clean, but still go on the adventure She’s also very fond of Geronimo, always wanting to hear the latest news on who Geronimo interviewed or had lunch with. Like Benjamin’s Benpad, Pandora has a personal smart-device, a web-enabled information tool and phone that keeps her up on the latest popular news, gossip, fashion, movies, music, and celebrities."